By: Shaterica Thomas
Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but now they are becoming man’s true lover.
Recently, it appears that dogs have formed a huge fan club composed of humans. Most humans
even care for their dogs as if the dogs were their own children.
Here at NSU, students also have the opportunity to dedicate their lives to the heart-stealing
creatures by choosing to major in Veterinarian Technology. Former Vet Tech Club member, Paige
Anderson, confirmed that the love for dogs is one that runs deep.
“As a Veterinarian Tech, you develop a special bond with the dogs,” Anderson said. “You are
trying to save their life, and they become dependent on you.”
NSU Student Hannah Spicer is not a Veterinarian Technician Major but agrees the love of dogs is
something people can relate to.

“Dogs are very loyal and always have your back. Honestly, I believe the dogs pick you,” Spicer
There have been stories in the past two years of possible human and dog marriages. Stories
reported high levels of attachment between the human and animals. But would the average dog
lover marry their animal companion?
“If I had to pick between a human and a dog for my soulmate, I would pick my dog. She has
literally been by my side through everything,” Spicer said.
Spicer went on to say her dog was a very great companion to be with her through the times of
struggles within her life.
“She has been with me when my grandmother died, my parent’s divorce, and when I broke my
arm and couldn’t do much,” Spicer said.
Anderson, who rescued her dog from an animal shelter, had a different yet similar point of view.
“Watching him grow has given my life purpose,e and I think that’s something all pet-owners
look for in their animals-Purpose,” Anderson said.
Puppy love is real love. They depend on us to take care of them. It is through this nurturing bond
we discover our love towards them just for being there for us. If they don’t go anywhere, neither
will we.

Puppies Are Better Than People