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Most sexual assaults and other crimes are more likely to occur at night on a college campus, according to


“Something I wish our students would do is that if they see something that is out of place or doesn’t fit, that they would go ahead and call university police,” said Captain Wesley Harrell of the University Police, “We would like to be the determining factor of what is going on.”


Northwestern Police urges students to report anything unusual that they may find and to keep in contact if they sense danger.


Some campus safety tips provided by NSU Police are:

Lock doors and windows to your room
Secure your vehicle when you leave it
Don’t leave personal belongings in the open
Create a list of your personal property including serial numbers
Try not to walk alone at night
Be aware of your surroundings
If you see something say something


According to, the SafeTrek app tracks your safety. The app works by holding your thumb on the safe button if you’re feeling scared. Once you are safe, release the button and enter your four-digit pin. If you are in danger, release the button and do not enter your pin and the police will be notified of your location immediately.


The app is compatible with iPhone and Android users.


“It’s always best to walk with a friend but if a student has to walk alone, they can call the campus police office and we will transport them anywhere on campus to ensure safety,” Harrell said.


The main thing for all students would be for them to lock their doors and try to know who is coming in and out of your apartment, Harrell said.


The University Police office is located at 315 Caspari Street by the infirmary. They can be reached anytime at 318-357-5431. 

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