International Students Unite

International Students Unite

International Students speak on Trump’s Immigration Ban

By: Ashely French

Within President Trump’s first 100 days in office, he has signed a many of executive orders including one that harms immigrants from entering into the United States from seven different countries.

President Trump’s executive order the “Immigration Ban” has not only been affecting the nation as a whole but also the international students, faculty and staff here at NSU.

The international students, faculty and staff at NSU make up 26 percent of the student population according to Nationally, immigrants make up 13.3 percent of U.S. population of 319.9 million according to

Acting President Dr. Maggio released a public statement regarding the issue.

“Northwestern has historically maintained a culture of diversity that focuses on respect for all of its students and faculty regardless of race, gender, creed or national origin,” said Maggio. “We will maintain that spirit of diversity by providing assistance and support in every way possible for those in the NSU family that are affected by the immigration policy.”

With the enrollment of international students increasing every year at Northwestern State, Director of International Student Resource Center Telba Espinoza-Contreras has been working with Northwestern international students since August of 2015.

“It’s saddens me and it’s keeping families apart, and I think people don’t realize that it’s not only affecting those seven countries but it’s also affecting other people,” the director said. “It makes everybody feel unsafe on their place and status here in the states.”

The Director also understands the international students fear and frustration with this new executive order.

“Some of the international students here on campus, may not be affective directly, but they have that fear of the thought that this can happen to them as well if they’re traveling abroad visiting their families and then all of sudden there at airport having a hard time to go through national security resulting in them not being able to come back to the U.S. and finish their degree,” Espinoza-Contreras said.

With 26 percent of international students here at Northwestern, many still have a few years of school to finish.

“…Leaves many of them thinking they shouldn’t go back home for the summer until they finish their degree in the two or three years they have left to finish school,” said Espinoza-Contreras.

Foreign exchange student Ambroise Lecoq an HMT major from France, thinks the new executive order is “ruining the U.S. foundation”

“I think Trump’s immigration policy is ruining the United States foundation in everything they’ve built,” said Lecoq. “For me it’s quite messed up, but it’s what the people wanted.”

One of the seven Muslim countries Trump has ban was Sudan, where many international students come from to get better education and opportunity in the American dream.

One of those students attends Northwestern who is a and track and field athlete, George Flaviano, a senior originally from South Sudan Africa.

“I understand where Trump is coming from but at the same time it’s not one of his legislatives that I support,” Flaviano said. “Even though I have a lot of family from South Sudan who are Muslim but are not terrorist, there not always bad in everybody.”

With 13.3 percent of immigrants making up the U.S. population many come here for better economic opportunities to live the American dream.

“America is the dream world to live out the American dream. America was built from foreign land and leaders coming together to build the United States of America,” the track athlete said.

With America being founded and built by immigrants, it makes America less muti-culturally with banning certain immigrants based off nationally or religion.

“That right there takes a lot of love and hate from America by separating people just because of your nationality or religion is a big difference and shocker to the world,” Flaviano said.