By Shania Dauterive, KNWD Reporter

“When is Starbucks opening? Why isn’t it here yet? When will I get my Frappuccino and green tea?” These are the many questions that are fluttering around Northwestern’s campus, and the student body is begging for answers.

The talk about the coffee shop erupted on campus sometime during fall semester with a promise that the shop will be opened in the beginning of the spring semester of 2016. According to Sodexo management, Steve Kauf, there were many legal issues with the building and paperwork had to be done, so the construction of the coffee was slightly delayed.

“The construction of Starbucks will be happening in the upcoming weeks. The contract with the University with legal issues and paperwork took a lot of time,” Kauf said.

Starbucks, which will be known as “Café DeMon” (name given by Dr. Henderson), is estimated to be finished in April. Kauf explained that there isn’t a set date because of the construction that needs to be done.

The shop will be located on the first floor of Watson Library in the back corner. Students will be able to lounge at tables for group studies as well as use Wi-Fi for anything. There will even be 15 minute parking outside of Watson. Students and the public will be allowed to use Declining Balance, cash, or a credit card for purchases.

Considering Natchitoches doesn’t have a Starbucks, many students are excited about the contributions it will bring to the city, the library and school.

“I believe that having Starbucks on campus is a very good thing because there will be one designated place to get coffee any time of the day,” freshmen Kasadi Patten said. “I also really appreciate Dr. Henderson’s interest for the students.”

As for contributions to the school, senior Daeshawn Lyles, believes that it will bring more money to the school as well as a recruitment tool.

“I believe more money will go toward the school and get more students to go to the library as well as attend NSU,” Lyles said. 

Frappuccino or Mocha Latte?