Do You Believe?

By: An-gel Samuel

Do you believe in superstitions or the power of the universe?

Superstitions can play a big a part in your life if you let it, some more than others. Along with superstitions comes myths. “Does this really mean I’ll have bad luck? What can I do to reverse it?”

These superstitions can range from stepping on a crack can break your mothers back, dreaming of fish means someone is pregnant or breaking a mirror can lead to seven years of bad luck.

“Research finds that people, superstitious or not, tend to believe that negative outcomes are more likely after they “jinx” themselves,” according to

For example, your eye “jumping” or twitching is a common superstition. This can happen while one is sitting around or being active and noticing that one of your eyes appear to “jump” or twitch. While the medical reasoning behind this can be because of stress, tiredness or dry eyes, the mythical part of it says something different. Depending on whether it is the left or right eye can determine whether the news or situation approaching will be negative or positive.

These superstitions vary depending on cultures. According to the Chinese superstitions believe that the left eye twitching indicates good luck for men, with the right eye signifying bad luck for women. The Indian superstition on the other hand is the complete opposite. Other factors like gender and age can come into play but it mostly comes down to what you choose to believe and whether you choose to ignore it or not.

As far as medical reasons, if this is occurring then one should get more sleep, attempt to relax and drink more water. For superstition purposes there isn’t really anything you can do but accept it and let it play out.

Another good superstation can be the hand itching one, getting that undesirable itch in the palm of your hand that is difficult to relieve. Again these superstitions vary depending on cultures. The main superstition says that if your right hand itches, then money will be received but if the left hand itches then money will be paid out.

If your left hand itches the result is that you should scratch your hand to prevent the loss of money, but if your right hand itches you should immediately put it in your pocket and resist the urge to scratch.

The ear burning sensation is another good one. “For those with burning ears, it is said that there is someone who is talking about you. There may be anxiety to know if the person is speaking negatively or positively,” said Typically, if the left ear burns or gets really hot someone is speaking ill of you, but if the right ear gets hot then someone is speaking highly of you. Either way someone is speaking of you.

The most common superstition would be “splitting the pole”. This would happen if you are with someone or a group of people and you divide a pole, lamppost or telephone pole according to This will signify bad luck for the person splitting it or some like to believe it is bad luck for the whole group or pair. A way to prevent it would be to go back and have everyone walk the same way to reverse the “bad luck.”

Superstitions and myths can be entertaining to read but don’t get to caught up in to where you are afraid to leave the house.