By Angie Samuel, KNWD News Reporter

Daniel and his white vans have taken over the internet one stride at a time.

Viral videos have become a classic theme in our generation. Videos like “What are those,” “Why you Lying” and “He needs some milk” have been major points of entertainment in the past few months. As of last week, we now have “Damn Daniel.”

“Damn Daniel” is now being used as compliments towards friends to compliment their outfits or shoes. Some get entertained by this while others just get annoyed at the repeated phrase.

Daniel Lara is all people have talked about for the past few days. If you haven’t seen the video yet, then you definitely should so you won’t be lost in the loop. The video consists of Daniel, a teenage boy, being filmed in various outfits on school grounds by his friend Josh. Both boys attend Riverside High School in California, according to nydailynews.

Throughout the video, the friend screams out “Damn Daniel,” followed by him saying “Back at it again with the white vans,” referring to the shoes Daniel had on in the video.

The video was uploaded on February 15, and has more than 230,000 retweets in a week on twitter. Techinsider refers to this as “the curse of all good viral content.”

Along with retweets and both boys gaining followers, according to Techinsider, white vans have been flying off of the racks with people trying to look like their new internet idol. What started off as an innocent video turned into something bigger than we imagined.

Personally, I found the video funny because of the voice of the person behind the camera and how excited Daniel seemed every time his name was mentioned. I find myself saying it a lot whenever I see someone wearing white vans and showing my friends the videos if they haven’t already seen them.

I also think that this video, just like the others, will get old really fast if it hasn’t already. Walking down the halls, all I hear is “Damn Daniel,” and constant talk about his white vans. It can really get annoying when you hear it several times a day from multiple people. I can only imagine how hard it is for the people with this actual name.

Like most viral videos, remixes have already been inspired as well as remakes of different people reenacting the video.

Damn Daniel