Ban of the Hoverboards

by Angie Samuel, KNWD News Reporter

A campus wide email banned the act of charging hoverboards on campus due to safety hazards and fire risks.

The email was sent Jan. 11, titled “University Bans Hoverboards on Campus,” said “the devices’ batteries have been shown to burst into flames especially while being charged, resulting in a metal fire that can burn with intense heat.”

For those who do not know, hoverboards are levitating boards used for personal transportation that resemble a skateboard without the wheels, said Hoverboards usually range from about $300 to $800 with the potential for LED lighting, Bluetooth compatibilities and built-in speakers.

Hoverboards were introduced in late 2015 as a “hot holiday trend.” Though they are a popular trend, they do tend to overheat while charging due to “explosive batteries.”

Morgan Reese, a NSU studio art major, said her son received a hoverboard from family members, and she is agreeing with the campus’ choice to ban them for fire hazards/risks.

“They are terrifying and dangerous and I wish my family never bought it for my son,” Reese said. “They are an expensive way to go to the hospital.”

Apparently, the more you pay for them, the safer they tend to be. Reese explains that the $300 dollar ones from China tend to have explosive batteries inside them, but the $600 dollar ones are safer and less explosive.

President Jim Henderson said NSU has not issued an outright ban of the hoverboards but are focused on students not charging the devices in university buildings and residence halls due to the risk of fires. NSU officials will continue to monitor the safety of the devices.

“While causality is still under investigation, the number of reported instances give us cause to take this step at least until more information is available,” Henderson said. “Use of the device in campus buildings will likely never be allowed.”

Senior Zahquan Porter, psychology major, said he does not see the point in having a hoverboard because of the hazards to owners and the people around them.

“Hoverboards aren’t safe, if the battery could cause a fire and explode then those things need to be taken off of shelves immediately,” Porter said.

To clarify, as of now, the hoverboards themselves are not banned, but charging them on campus is strictly prohibited.