All Eyes On You: NSU vs. MSU

By: Cody LaCaze and Cinnamon Player 

“I know you guys are going to play great. Fork ‘em Demons,” said freshman Laurin Waldrip.

This year’s homecoming has already gotten many of the students and faculty excited about the events to come. But, of course, there’s no bigger event than the homecoming game on October 22!

This year the football team will be going toe-to-toe with the McNeese State Cowboys, a team that our football team has a hefty rivalry with.

As students prepare for the football brawl, they have a few choice words about the outcome. Gabriel LeMoine, Darian Thompkins, and Nathan Roth all agree that they think we’re going to win.

As for the players of the Demon football team, senior football player Adam Jones knows a bit of what Homecoming Week brings.

“It’s pretty busy, but coach does a pretty good job making sure we don’t get too distracted by the homecoming week activities,” Jones said.

 His teammate, Offensive Lineman Terrence Boyd, reminisces on his journey from high school football to today’s fantastic lineup of players on the Demon team.

“Nothing is ever going to be given to you…you have to work hard for what you want. There are no promises,” Boyd said.

And work hard they have! The team has been training as much as they can to make sure they are able to tough it out with McNeese and hopefully win. Maybe these last few words from fellow students and faculty will get their fires fueled and spirits high on game day.

“I can’t wait to see you take home the win,” Denise Hollis said, a fourth year student at NSU.

“Do your best and I hope you win,” Dorian Eaton said, a faculty member of the Department of New Media, Journalism, and Mass Communication at NSU.

Even head coach Jay Thomas chimed in.

“We want them to have a great experience and success on and off the field,” Thomas said.

All eyes are on our Demon team now as game day approaches faster and faster. From our student body, to the Demon Football team: Beat the hell out of McNeese!