A Legacy Continues

Dr. Maggio expresses interest in becoming next President of NSU

By: Ashely French

Acting president Dr. Maggio, plans on becoming one of the many candidates to be the next permeate president of Northwestern State University. According to https://klax-tv.com/dr-chris-maggio-named-acting-president-at-nsu/, Dr. Maggio has dedicated his work and leadership skills to the Dean of Students, the Offices of Admissions, Recruiting, Financial Aid, Student Activities and Organizations, First Year Experience, Leadership Development and many other organizations.

Dean of Students, Frances Conine, believes Dr. Maggio is the perfect fit to become permanent president of the university.

“I don’t know anyone who loves Northwestern more than Dr. Maggio. I don’t know anyone who works harder than him,” said Conine, “I think he has good leadership qualities, as proven leader as vice president he knows what that job description is and knows what it takes to move into that leadership position.”

Dr. Maggio has also inspired many students in the Student Government Association who will also take part of the board of directors’ committee in hearing the candidate’s quality, traits, and ideas for the university.

SGA president, John Pearce, is in full support of Dr. Maggio potentially becoming the permanent president for the university.

“I think it would be great if Dr. Maggio became president of the university. He knows how the school and town function together, he has great ideas for the future and he is able to relate to any student he meets. He's one of the main reasons why I came to NSU, and I think he would do nothing but great things for the school.” said Pearce.

According to www.ulsystem.net, the search of a new president goes by a committee called the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System.

The board of directors have a committee on their board that includes, faculty senate, the Student Government Association and a few community members.

Members on the committee will be voters and some non-voters, partaking in the selection for a permanent president.

It’s important through the process to listen to a lot of the open forums, giving the students the opportunity to come listen to these forums to voice their options on the qualities they want to see in a president to represent this university,” said Maggio.

There will be opportunities throughout the interviews process where students can attend open meetings and give their input, but the votes will come from the committee.

Dr. Maggio goals and desires for the university is to continue on the valuable traditions in leaderships and academic success Northwestern carries. As one of the applicants, applying to be permanent president of the university; Dr. Maggio will work extremely hard as a candidate to be selected for the job.

“My passion is working with students, that keeps me alive and motivated, said Maggio,” I’m going to be a good listener and try to learn some new things and at the end of the day I hope to become permanent president for many years to come.”

Chris Maggio spirits remains positive all throughout if he doesn’t become the next president of NSU.

“If I’m not chosen, I will support the new president, whoever he or she is, I’m going to be their right hand, and help them succeed,” he said. “It’s not only about one person, it’s about the university that we all love so much and it’s about this office that is very important.”

A Legacy Continues