A Greener NSU

By: Josie Stamey

Environmental Catalyst Organization or E.C.O. was made an official organization on NSU’s campus on Thursday, Nov. 3 2016.

E.C. O started earlier this year with the idea coming from an English paper. 

 “It started from me and Victoria Thompson both writing an extra credit paper and it turned into a big idea about forming an environmental club.” Emily McCoach said, one of the founders of E.C.O.

Michael Antoon, the club’s advisor and the environmental science teacher express that NSU needed a club to become more proactive and put things into action in the environment.

Even though the organization has just become official, they have started to make an appearance on campus by doing campus clean ups.

A larger organization called the Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the smaller branch in Alexandria, has started to reach out to E.C.O. about their involvement on campus.

According to ERM.com, the organization is the leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting services.

“The whole idea that we wanted to do was raise awareness about giving students opportunities and also get on the ‘go green’ movement,” McCoach said.

She also expresses her excitement about E.C.O becoming an RSO on campus

“From trying to get people involved to trying to set meeting together to writing the by-laws and the constitution was a wonderful feeling,” she said.

E.C.O. also has a mascot called Sammy the Skunk.

“He (Sammy) says ‘Stop stinking up my planet!’ and I thought it was so cool,” Antoon said.

One of the things Antoon and Emily both mentioned is that they want to have more recyclable trash cans around campus.

“The first thing we’re going to do is start a massive recycling project on campus and we have partnered up with Sodexo to fight this epidemic,” Antoon said.

Emily McCoach also talked about what she would say to the people who do not believe in saving the environment.

“When you look around outside all you see is trash everywhere and I think of how people can’t see that the environment is changing,” Emily said.

Students like Cinnamon Player gives her opinion on E.C.O. and how it would make a difference on campus.

“I think there would be a slight change, nothing major but it is a start to making this campus better,” said Cinnamon Player."