A Breakfast Upgrade

Vic’s Cafeteria Improves Breakfast Experience By: Angie Samuel

Just when it couldn’t get any better, Vic’s breakfast is on the rise. Vic’s has incorporated a waffle machine, cereal stand, new breakfast sandwiches and chocolate muffins in their morning routine.

Senior Toria Smith said it’s pretty cool how Vic’s is changing, especially with the waffle maker because she’s “into waffles.” Smith said she hopes the waffles comes with extra ingredients to further enhance them such as chocolate chips or blueberries which will “make her day.”

“Vic’s is becoming the Instagram of NSU by trying to incorporate things from The Grill and Iberville,” said sophomore Jacob Farnsley.

Personally, the waffles are what I tend to gravitate towards whenever I’m in the Café early enough for breakfast, which isn’t often. I tend to eat at Vic’s more often because it’s highly convenient seeing as how I’m in Kyser a lot during my day. So the waffle edition is great in my book.

As far as the cereal and breakfast sandwiches go, they could be helpful if I were to eat them. But the waffles are what really caught my attention.

Now students no longer have to walk all the way to Iberville and wait in those long lines just to get a waffle, or to have their favorite cereal not available.

Freshman Courtney Williams said that the cereal stand is convenient to her. She bought the cereal, poured the milk in the cup, ate it while walking and finished it before she entered her 9:30 class.

“I love waffles,” said senior Jasmine Roberts, “I feel like I wouldn’t have to walk all the way over to Iberville and pay all of that when I just want a waffle.”

A Breakfast Upgrade