KNWD On the Air

Our Campus

KNWD strives to get students involved with things that are happening on NSU's campus and inside the station. Some ways KNWD is trying to get students involved are:

"Here at KNWD we believe in four basic principles. We aspire to connect, teach, introduce and entertain by providing a resource to inspire and benefit the student body and community."

Our Mission
  • Weekly Student Surveys & Interviews
  • Online Giveaways
  • On-Air giveaways
  • Monthly Concerts
  • Partnerships with Campus RSOs

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“I worked with KNWD staff during CaddoFest this past November and they were crazy accommodating. I like these guys a lot. They definitely know what they're doing!"


Taylor Thomas,

​Sophomore, College of Business

"KNWD is my favorite station to listen to while I'm driving around town! I love the variety of music genres played on the station- it's almost like the music is fit to my mood!" 

Morgan Byrd,

Sophomore, Louisiana Scholars' College

What Students think about KNWD

Freshman Connection- June 19-20

KNWD will be present at the organizational browse on NSU's campus on June 19th for the second session of Freshman Connection. Giveaways and information about KNWD will be available during the org browse. Our feature activity is "So You Want to Be on the Radio?". Freshmen will have the opportunity to record a station liner and have a chance to be featured on air in the fall.